Even when I swore off the allure of all things sweet and nice I can’t help but look: such delicacy, such art. I always feel so tall when I bring down my fork, like a selfish crook.   The treat was mine and mine alone, for however brief the moment was. Yet at that moment … Continue reading Delectable


Colony of Seagulls

There once was a bridge over the meeting of a stream and sea, a teetering plank of wood so lean that the mellowest bellow of wind would shake it so. No one from the nearest village knew which fool thought it a good idea to tempt children like that. “If I was young, and these … Continue reading Colony of Seagulls


The word had never fit more snuggly against anything. A world of grey and cold and wet concrete. Cookie cutters against icy winds amidst constantly braking cars, slipping into sunsets.   My mood would’ve been so, too, had there not been such blessed voices warming me, warning me against my falsified loneliness, the dread that … Continue reading Dreary

3.4: Camp Levi

“I have always been envious of one aspect of Thanatos’ job, and that is his clearance level enabling him to essentially teleport wherever there is a shadow: a skill oddly specific but too convenient and exhilarating for me to question whenever I actually have the chance to tag along with him” “So, we arrived at … Continue reading 3.4: Camp Levi