It’s been a while since I last allowed myself the luxury of drifting off to a world of post remembrances stored in notes. Off the face of this planet I rose with serenity, surrounded by numbers and knowledge as oppose to anxiety. I am eager to say “bye” to useless emotions and focus on the … Continue reading Music



For the longest time, we were under the impression that empathy can only bring pain, hinder, blur kindness and leave us with only apathy.   Every day’s a proof that we err: moments of joy and laughter and philosophical epiphanies are heirs, a realization achievable because we tend to the needs of others; we know … Continue reading Empathy


The ancients were right in that opposites attract: contrasts define meaning and extremes.   I felt every fiber, joint in my body lock against wind: contrasts between home and rain, extreme.   ‘Tis a simple pleasure, a hearth in my heart that push against the contrast of reality and gratitude extremely.   Everyday my teeth … Continue reading Warmth