I am a hermit of my mind, a passenger of my soul, whose sole purpose purport to pose challenge to those who boasts of compassion. I wear my heart on my sleeves, and I wear long sleeves and long to leave an impression, impact, in any shape or form. I sleep as to energize my … Continue reading Mindfield



As a writer, I’ve always relished the moments where I can finish a prose that finish itself. Dialogue perished under the breathing scenery, characters skittish and just fleshed out. So, when I am surrounded by people I’m quick to quip, to put to practice the candor I aim to write with; to sketch out the … Continue reading Banter


Sometimes,   we just      need to take        a leap of faith     in the fact that you     are worth the time        and heart and        Effort. That             you       are more  than enough. You have to shed your angelic wings … Continue reading Trust


Lists are great for giving my life a semblance of order, a sense of check-list driven purposes defined by my strife against laziness and missing the gist:   Life is more than checking boxes; check-lists are just smaller breakdowns, strifes that enable greater paradoxes. Gist of life? Shifting focuses like clowns.   Boxes trap us … Continue reading Order


It’s been a while since I last allowed myself the luxury of drifting off to a world of post remembrances stored in notes. Off the face of this planet I rose with serenity, surrounded by numbers and knowledge as oppose to anxiety. I am eager to say “bye” to useless emotions and focus on the … Continue reading Music


For the longest time, we were under the impression that empathy can only bring pain, hinder, blur kindness and leave us with only apathy.   Every day’s a proof that we err: moments of joy and laughter and philosophical epiphanies are heirs, a realization achievable because we tend to the needs of others; we know … Continue reading Empathy