Dear Reader(s)…


Deleting my dormant WordPress(es) and giving myself a fresh start are the ideal gifts I planned for my own “Sweet Sixteen”: I am but a teenager who appreciates the beauty of words and hopes to one day be able to let others (like you) find that same appreciation through my writing!

Now, before I further contradict myself: the Treachery of Imageries is meant to be my way of showing respect for René Magritte’s Treachery of Images (with a lame pun) while at the same time, addressing the duality of the English languages (something that I pondered upon as a none-native English speaker/writer). Words are definitely one of the most powerful and ancient instruments of humanity, and to me, imageries are among one of the most dangerous (or beautiful, thus the duality): a truly well-written imagery captures an moment perfectly, beaming the readers into a controlled, precise moment to feel a certain way.

In more simple terms, it is almost as if an imagery manipulates the minds of the readers to sympathize or hate or rejoice or gloom or just to inspire a certain thought. A theme.

So ultimately, this blog documents my attempts at mastering a truly worthwhile imagery of the senses that would convey my position by allowing any reader to step into my shoes.

I plan to update this blog at least monthly with fiction or other pieces of literature I compose during spare class time as my sort of a diary, recording the colors of my days through nonsense that might hopefully be relatable to some of you…just maybe.

Thanks for dropping by!



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