About Requiem Fantastique

Hello readers,

This is just my notes and some background information about my current, main ongoing story, Requiem Fantastique.

Requiem Fantastique is a five-chapter story (not counting the prologue that came out a long time before I finished planning the story) inspired/based vaguely on Hector Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique. For those of you who are not familiar with Berlioz, you just have to know that his Symphonie Fantastique (or Fantastical Symphony) is a program symphony in the early Romantic period (1780-1910) that tells of an artist desperately in love. When his love remains unrequited, he poisons himself with opium — though, not a sufficient dosage to be fatal — and enters a dream sequence about his own execution for having killed his beloved and attendance at a witches’ sabbath in his afterlife (where he found his beloved, though now she is a witch as well). Wikipedia might have done a way better job at including Berlioz’s own program notes for each movement, but this is basically what happened in the original Symphonie Fantastique.

My rendition of this symphony is vastly based on my imagination as I listened to it on YouTube. While I originally intended for it to have taken place in Tang China, it had to be changed since the second movement is taking place during a social ball, and Tang China clearly is not the time and place where such a thing exists. The five chapters of this story is named directly after the chapters of Berlioz’s symphony and represent a certain element of nature. The plot also could be seen as an extended metaphors for some of my life experiences, most of which are still working to be translated into posts in this blog.

Above all, if I ever finish this story, it would be the first completed piece of fiction for me: I have at least twenty different outlines of different ambitious novels planned, yet school had kept me away from bringing those plot skeletons to life. Therefore, it would be really great if you, who is already very awesome for reading this post, can leave some comments, constructive criticisms, or even some questions for me. I want to be able to grow as a writer, and being part of my school’s newspaper, I know that it is only through edits and corrections that I can do so.




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