About LaLauren Mansion

After finishing Requiem Fantastique, I could not help but feel that there are too many leads that I could take up from the story to not write a sequel or prequel. Since then, I finished a detailed outline for a sequel with the setting in 2016, though it is bound to be at least 40 chapters long. Seeing the impending college essays and applications, I thought that I would just let the outline sit for a little before I attempt such a large project.

Instead, I began to try to break out of my habit and my unhealthy reliance upon outlines as I work on this prequel to Requiem Fantastique. It is another story that I had previously attempted to write, and now I feel confident enough to bring it back to life. This time, however, I have not written any insanely detailed outlines or dialogue beforehand; this project would be an experimentation for how far (and well) I could do without plans, taking writing as more of a relaxation.

This story is called, The LaLauren Mansion, a reference to the horrifying LaLaurie House in New Orleans. Some of you may be able to tell from Requiem Fantastique that the world in which my writing is based on is not really the same as ours, so this being the prequel would follow the same ambiguity. Hopefully you would enjoy the much smaller chapters for this project!


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