Starbucks: Another Example to Taiwan’s Economically-driven Rapid Changes

In the spirit of innovation (and commercialization), Taiwan is also riddled with Starbucks. The white outline of a mermaid often catches me off guard since the exterior and interior design often nullify my understandings of Starbucks. Yes, they still have the free wifi, the frappucinos, and the tall, grande, and venti, but in Irvine, there’s never a green tea jelly frappuccino, heated croissant sandwiches or french toast sandwiches.

Also there are never this many design mugs.

Also there are never these breakfast combos.

…All in all, the competitiveness of Taiwan’s market drove all the plethora of cafes to innovate, give more varieties, upgrade. In the span of two years, stores and signs already swapped places profusely to make me feel like a tourist.

It’s almost like physics: just when I feel like I understand a concept by finally getting all the examples right, a new chapter comes and pulls out the rug out of my feet in a failed demonstration of inertia. Since, just like physics, a surface understanding is hardly enough for one to appreciate Taiwan.

One must learn the bigger picture, seeing the volatility and changeability and variety that is part of the Taiwanese culture. No, it is not exactly a lack of individuality to me since I have hardly know another place that changes nearly as fast as this little cosmopolitan city, Taipei. This tendency for constant change is a double edged sword labeled innovation and fickle.

Oh, and my cappuccino got cold….


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