Matcha Heaven

I thought that my relationship with matcha was forever upset by the presence of chocolate. However, Taiwan was here to prove me wrong.

At Myowa Japanese Cafe, there are a lot of forms of matcha that offers an ultimate (pricey) matcha experience: crepes, sizzling plates (which I had a video of, but cannot post here because I am not a premium member :D), lava cake, tiramisu, sundaes, along with a side of mochi, pudding, soft-served ice cream and teas.

This was yet another example of Taiwan’s culinary finesse along with its deep connections with Japan as a result of being put under the latter’s rule during the period of Japanese Imperialistic expansion before WWII.

Also, since Japan had been one of the most economically successful countries in East Asia, it was only natural for Taiwan to copy/learn heavily from that culture.

Well, I certainly am glad that matcha became one of the prospects of cultural diffusion.


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