Endnote of LaLauren Mansion

Dear Readers,

So…23 chapters (or 26,492 words) later, my second story, LaLauren Mansion, is finally finished. Just want to thank all of you for reading and liking the many chapters: I hope all of you had as much fun reading as I had writing. I tried very hard to use character development or the lack of along with other seemingly awkward language to illuminate certain aspects/critique of our society, though it may really seem amateurish since I am still working on my skills as writer!

However, if any of you are actually interested in knowing what is going on in this strange head of mine when I wrote certain chapters– and to be honest, some are more symbolic than others — please comment on those chapters and I will write the analysis explaining the rationale and certain allegories/references/allusions that is always within everything I write. (Random fact, I like to call these references literary easter eggs, just because it sounds a lot less esoteric or intimidating.)

Anyway, a huge thank you for all of your support: I will continue to sharpen my skills with more ambitious projects that can hopefully be enjoyable and meaningful to you guys.




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