Latte Art Collection



Is it a line or a river, dancing on my arm, Glittering like its silver author, metal. Though God’s cannons set themselves against self-harm, Thoughts and desperation made all brittle.   Oh, I saw now its glorious, luscious scarlet The wine of Lamia; I whined of paranoia. ‘Tis but a trivial bicker that drew the … Continue reading Red


The smell was unbearable. By the time Lord Francis arrived with his men, the beasts of nature had already dined on innocent blood and flesh while flies borne their children to make quick work of the rest. “There are no traces of survivors, My Lord.” “I see...go see if the diggers require any assistance.” “Yes, … Continue reading III.


The throne room was saturated with incense from the cleansing ceremony the Grand Priest prescribed during the day. What was it but an excuse to pretend as though the Priest was actually half of what the former Priestess and her father were, and that Lord Claud -- for that was the name of the priest … Continue reading I.