59,814,018 Cracks in the Glass Ceiling

Yet, we are still not there. Still, the electoral college founded in the great Founding Fathers’ days of fearing “the tyranny of the majority.” What do I have to say as a Taiwanese immigrant woman in the face of such a moment of American history?

I have very little to say beside resonating the wisps of positive energy within the general screams of panic around my vastly liberal environment: do not curse the head that now forcefully pilots the plane. Instead, focus on the passengers. Instead of kicking the back of the chair of those before us, hold those around you close, keep love in your heart, never get cynical. Even though sexism trumped racism last night, we cannot lose heart.

A certain great teacher/friend of mine reminded me that the arts usually thrive under an oppressive regime. It’s the push and pull that brings out greatness. So, I will continue to use my arts (or the experimentation of them) to tell stories. None of what occurred last night and what will happen in the next four years will change my goals, if not only prompting me to fight even harder for the things that I hold dear.


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