For the decade that she had walked this world she had never seen a room so heavy. It was struggling to breath as much as she was, weighed down by the dark furnitures and the maroon banners and the dull carpets and too many solemn men in dark cloaks. They were all speaking, some over … Continue reading VII.



The night winds cut his cheeks as he attempted to continue gliding above the dense forests. The sky was especially dark in his clouded vision along with an unspoken question: what was that overpowering aura encircling the Princess? “Ugh,” A sharp jolt by his side reminded him that he never bound his wound and now … Continue reading VI.


“You are such a child,” She said to the despondent girl before her. Lyra never really imagined she would ever fall as low as to speak to a mirror; yet here she was, sitting before a glass, not with vanity but hope to find the gall that she never has. She diverted from meeting those … Continue reading V.


“Your Majesty!” The tremor in the call weighed heavily against Lyra, drying her throat as she tore her gaze from a parchment to look up to the latest intruder. “Your Majesty!”He was a soldier with a fellow countryman leaning upon his shoulder; as they wobbled closer to the throne Lyra saw that the leaning soldier … Continue reading IV.