The Leaning Power of Pity

Don’t you dare to lean on me, For my bones are dry. Don’t you dare to cry a sea, For my marrows are wry.   You ask one who’s trapped in sand To run your world, while she’s drowning in hers. “Come on, let’s make a fairyland,” Said you who she wants to curse   … Continue reading The Leaning Power of Pity


The Great Expectasian

Another project in progress Another test snuck passed. A score just posted, A reminder for those who’s toasted. Anger. Be gone, My God, child. Deem yourself worthy of... Failure?   ***** Is this just a negative poem about a stereotypical Asian value? Try reading it from the bottom up.


noun. The addictive nectar of the gods. The true author of this blog: really, not sure what I would do without it...this is not even because of my love for coffee, but mostly because a lot of my writing occur to me when I am sitting at a table in Kean Coffee.