The Cup

The deep murmurs of conversation was only broken by the clinks of ceramic mugs, the musical notes like swimmers bursting through the surface of the water for breath. She cupped the mug of latte before her with the tenderness she could not summon even for a baby.

The swirls of white and brown were perfect, and the affections of their maker traveled in electric waves through her frozen hands, restoring her senses and color. She attempted to preserve the impeccable, frothy heart with careful sips, the first of which was just bitter enough to be placated by the milky foam. When she drew away she could not help but chuckle.

“I have never imagined that I would say this, but if you keep staring at that cup of coffee like that, I might just be a little jealous,” He was so quiet that the sudden realization of him being immediately before her almost made her drop her cup.

“What the hell!” She shoved at his shoulder in jest. “You scared me! Aren’t you working right now?”

He sauntered around to wrap his arms about her from behind, pressing her loose scarf against her neck, “Well…we are not all that busy right now…”

The woolen tickle had proven too much for her, leaving her squirming and giggling. Her laughter was infectious, magnetic, and he wanted so badly to taste the crystal notes of her chuckles.

So he stole it off of her lips, kissing away the espresso laced within the chapped edges.

The bells above the doors jolted them apart, and only then did she remember to blush, her hands shooting to clasp about her burning cheeks.

“…You should go back to work, huh?”

His arms defied the idea of leaving their favorite places about her, “Would you…really want that?”

She shoved at him playfully, turning away to hide the stupid grin refusing to be wiped from her face, “No, but you should go, anyway.”

“Fine…my shift ends in a bit, anyway,” He still managed to steal another kiss from her cheek before leaving in the same silence he came.

She watched him reclaiming his post at the coffee machine gracefully, arranging mugs and filling metal pitchers in his usual concision and elegance. At last, she returned her attention to her neglected cup, now lukewarm and almost just as perfect as this moment, for the world through her eyes seemed flawless when her heart skipped and thumped with reminders of giddy bliss.



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