What was that? Lyra wasn’t sure why she was there, sharing an old mercenary’s bloody remembrance. Then she realized she was drowning, perhaps in the little boy’s tears or his people’s blood or the boiling water or the still, green glass surfaces. Then from the bottom of the water she looked up, blurry visions still … Continue reading XXIV.


North Italia

While most Italian restaurants are composed of tables with red checkered clothes and jolly familial atmosphere, North Italia offers a modern take on classics while keeping the originality of quality and tastes that I find most admirable in Italian food.   Zucca Chip: the more mediocre appetizer reminiscent of kale chips, possibly with too many … Continue reading North Italia

The Candle

He watched them dance, flirt, test the patience of fate. The thinnest tendrils made them hold hands, waltz, then just as fast when the light of passions should pass they would break aside and squirm away. Their stage melted beneath them, slowly trailing away from the heat of scrutiny to solidify again, forming arms and … Continue reading The Candle