She walked along the grey paths darkened by light rain: the miraculous deed of the Creator shedding tears for the bone dry California refreshed dusted leaves, restoring colors too saturated.

Dogs on leashes, birds on branches, joggers on headphones deaf to the world all seemed to have been blind to her burning eyes. So, she walked past them, walking and strolling until she came upon the mushroom, obstructively white and blown out of proportions, emboldened to rise above the dirt by recent rain and moisture. She scoffed. How arrogant, to steal nutrients and the rare tears of God for its personal growth.

Arrogance and avarice are qualities reserved for mankind. Is the earth and rain so polluted by man that beyond the CO2 and radiation and biohazards that the sins of mankind seeped into blessed earth, drove it to antagonism with ignorance?

She scoffed.


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