North Italia

While most Italian restaurants are composed of tables with red checkered clothes and jolly familial atmosphere, North Italia offers a modern take on classics while keeping the originality of quality and tastes that I find most admirable in Italian food.


Zucca Chip: the more mediocre appetizer reminiscent of kale chips, possibly with too many pinches of salt.

Calamari: a non-traditional, arugula-ridden plate of fried batter similar to onion rings, on squid that is surprisingly delicious.

Wild Mushroom Polenta: while I’ve very limited experience with polenta, this dish opened my mind to a world where chard could be awesome, after all.

Pizzas: the thin crust is wonderful, and I’ve always ordered the daily specials to find myself pleasantly surprised each time.

Daily soups: from my past visits I’ve come to a conclusion that their soups are typically of a puree quality drizzled with olive oil. It’s always very refreshing and soothing to the palate.


Tiramisu: their balls of chocolate is a first for me, and the ladyfingers and delicate layers are just as heavenly as any other tiramisus that I’ve ever loved.
Arancini: these fried balls of mushroom risotto resting in homemade marinara contrasts the rich textures and tastes reminiscent of truffles with a hint of cheese and crispiness.
Short-rib radiatori: the tender pork and creamy sauces checked by the crunch of bread crumbs and arugula is one of my favorites.
Bombolini: the Italian donuts perfectly freshen up your palate with its lemon curds and sweetness.
Chef’s Board: this small plate is a carnival of pastrami and cheeses, prosciutto, breads, jam and nuts litter the actual board for you to pair and snack on.
White truffle garlic bread: this appetizer does it job too well, always making me scrape the bottom of the cast iron pan.
Strozzapreti: this creamy concoction of noodles and mushrooms is a delightful harmony.
Squid Ink Mafaldine: the sauce has a punch of passion, a hint of spice to lighten the chewiness of the noodles.
Burrata Tortellini: this cheesy dumpling paired with nuts and vegetables is yet another irresistible combination.
Bolognese: this house specialty may seem plain at first sight, but its delicate textures of tomato and meat sauce strikes just the right chord in my heartstrings.

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