And, so because…

And so, because I am in a certain class, the only class that made me invisible, I yawn: the only way my classmates would know that I’m gone is if the student secretary takes roll. So much for being “a large family.”

It wasn’t until I am within this class that I learned the root of the rumors and felt it firsthand, “They are so exclusive,” “They are…really social, I guess.” “What do they even do for this school?” I used to defend them, for the idea of over-generalizing a group of people based on first impressions disgusted me. But, the rumors are more or less true, though this class do operate a whole lot for the school soundlessly.

And, since both students applying to be part of this team and critics towards this student organization fail to credit, this class pats itself on the back.

Every class there is a time allotted for applause, which is great until you realize that most of the time is for applause. Even in the critiques, the reviews, all comments gravitate towards the cadence of the words of that one boy supposed attractive. I disagree, but I am too bored to voice my concerns. It’s always the same, the repetition of human society, to exclude, to flatter; to ignore, to worship.

And, so…because I am in this class, I looked down at my notebook and documented.


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