My throat tastes sour and I can't breathe. My heart beats at the expense of my sanity. What can I do but grit my teeth, And blame myself for vanity?   Yet, even in self-deprecation, it seems Cruel to neglect truest affections. Never before, Never will be one more worthy that I beteems. So I … Continue reading Parched


Decision Day

‘Tis Earth Day, and it only upsets me more since I am so inspired by the courage and passion of engineers while I am suddenly reminded that our government care very little of that. Good news: it’s (hopefully) only two years? I write here in hopes of preserving that sudden urge to cry when I … Continue reading Decision Day


In the days that followed they've agreed to forget that moment in Arkmend. Lyra was somewhat relieved by the wordless acquiescence, for being weak is not her strong suit. They set out for Etzion since her declaration is but empty words. They traveled by flight when they can or hid under heavy disguise when they … Continue reading XXXV.