Decision Day

‘Tis Earth Day, and it only upsets me more since I am so inspired by the courage and passion of engineers while I am suddenly reminded that our government care very little of that.

Good news: it’s (hopefully) only two years?

I write here in hopes of preserving that sudden urge to cry when I walked down that Sather path with the ironic gate: so many people, so much enthusiasm, so many happy faces greeting the crowd and sustaining their passions (and some of it includes raising pigeons?!). The environment is just so free and I was just DYING to be able to attend this school.

They are so proud, so intelligent and faithful to their students abilities, I just want to be there.

For a moment, I just completely forgot about a certain heartache that is only returning now as I wait for my flight, charging my phone in an airport that I’ve barely been.


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