Night Lights

In the words of my friend, ModernMercutio (find him here:…

And lo, She gazed down at the city glistening brighter than the constellations and smiled.

And the city smiled back to her


We partook on the obligatory hike, late, dark, with lights and laughs and smoke from a concert nearby (or more likely, from a bad decision). I was walking alongside my newly-found roommate — a sweet girl from the area seemingly amazing at understanding my background and humor — as she served dutifully as a tour guide, warning me of potential turkeys and deers. We might have shared our sudden craving for boba.

But when I got to the intended destination I dropped the chitchat and *almost* my phone because of the steepness of the hill amplified in degrees by darkness. Then our group stopped, some took more interest in the swing than the cluster(f***) of man’s stars competing against the grace of God’s fashion. The lazy tree vied for attention, the blocks of concrete rested in designs ever so balanced, dotted with the windows of sleepless researchers. The tower was proud, believing that it could outshine the orange, blinking sea across the campus. Cars, perhaps, with movements deemed negligible by the distance.

Then I was back, possibly infected by the tower’s confidence, the scene slightly marred by the glowing screens hovering about me.


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