She wrenched her blade free, trying to ignore the fountains of red that pooled like wine in a Creator’s parable. Her heart thundered as the circle about her grew tighter, the skin of her palm was ready to break at each painful clash against sweat, leather, metal, hastily uttered spells. She looked up, the bluejay … Continue reading LXI.



He fought his eyes open at a sound of a call. Then he heard it, the screeches of the world, metallic clashes around him, within his head, wails of soldiers morphing into other ungodly shadows of fallen foes, the mere shadow of the egret that was the shadow of his past days that stretched into … Continue reading LX.


“We have to go,” She knew he was going to be fine and she was being more than a little silly for being so worried and if he was conscious she would never live it down but still, still she wanted to stay by his side, be the first thing in his feverish vision when … Continue reading LIX.


Eridani confirmed that the Taurian clan had very little concern for what became of her: their continued ignorance of her disappearance was proof enough. The fact was no shock. Ever since she was born, she knew: mother was too fatigued rebuilding the clan to bother hiding her disdain for the child that lived in her … Continue reading LVIII.


No...the glint of the sword and those egret wings, the sheer power they possessed that never before were seen by his people, only meant to be used for healing and only belonging to the man that was his father.No, his father was incapable of such a mocking smile, incapable of raising a sword against his … Continue reading LVII.


“Who’s there?” The sun has yet to set, it was far too early for the appointment; the villager stood behind his bold question with a straight back and a weathered hand upon the broad sword strapped to his belt, waited. The others darted behind fallen idols and a spell of illusion, and together beheld the … Continue reading LVI.