Alley of College Life

You’ll be taking daily abuses. They counting stars, but you tracing bruises. You see how the rich kids cruises Down their boulevard of life while you got Your dark alley to climb Alone Up the valley of death, though no sin to confess Through these words to digress, digest the pests Of angst and thanks, … Continue reading Alley of College Life



Hey, It's been a while since I posted an announcement post. As you can see, I am nearing the end of my book, The Emperor and Her Assassin, and my first college semester. Yay? I'm going to whoop and pretend that I am not worried sick by finals. As I have developed a more organized … Continue reading Housekeeping


Even when she closed her eyes she saw him still, the paling skin, her hands soaked by his blood while his consciousness slipped through her fingers. Her brother was willing to save her at the cost of his own life even after what her had authored. Then there was the human princess who she dismissed … Continue reading LXX.


“ just wrong,” He was misguided perhaps, but not completely wrong. “You don’t understand, child,” She was nearing the edge of irritation. “We cannot afford another confrontation.” “But, we are not created for the purpose of wallowing in our sorrows and ignorant of the future,” He pleaded, as much as it was for his people, … Continue reading LXIX.


They stopped just shy of the edge of their goal, uncertain. “We don’t have any idea of how to enter their realm: there must be a barrier of some sort for their presence to be so mythified,” Horatio spoke to the pointless lines his beloved was drawing in the sand where they settled briefly. Lyra … Continue reading LXVIII.


Something As skies crackled with lightning and thunder cackled beyond the dull roar of rain, she made a blunder. If only she still had her dagger, then she could have seen their progress, sense them better. But, it made sense, the gradual tumble of the dense grey clumps of storm characteristic of the region, … Continue reading LXVII.