Endnote of LaLauren Mansion

Dear Readers, So...23 chapters (or 26,492 words) later, my second story, LaLauren Mansion, is finally finished. Just want to thank all of you for reading and liking the many chapters: I hope all of you had as much fun reading as I had writing. I tried very hard to use character development or the lack … Continue reading Endnote of LaLauren Mansion


XXIII. The LaLauren Mansion

The memory unfolded in a setting strangely familiar, and Eleanor only realized that it was in the very mansion she was currently in. She found Cephas on the floor, bleeding and struggling to move. She followed his gaze towards the balcony and found a little boy balancing upon the edge of a great fall. Then, … Continue reading XXIII. The LaLauren Mansion

XXII. Ring

It was not until a week after did Soulran realize that one who can ruthlessly snap the neck of a wild beast is but a greater monster. The realization came as his father summoned him one morning to the lesser courts. Luctus took his hand as though to guide him into a new wonderful world … Continue reading XXII. Ring