Bright Red Sun

It’s telling us something, they said. As ash and dust, harbingers of dusk, masked the sun in an ungodly hue of highlighter salmon, dreams were dashed by historical disasters. Yet no one bothered to look within:   “It’s the water!” “It’s the state,” no, it’s the state of our minds. Fiery clashes of classes so … Continue reading Bright Red Sun


Imprisoned by Words

The sermon today kept saying that we were “enslaved” by the ways of men. I would call it, “imprisoned by societal expectations.” You see, I didn’t like to muddle words. Connotations, contexts, history: those things define a word. But, I’m stupid, so when I use words I’m scared by scars, options through synonyms. The implications … Continue reading Imprisoned by Words

Makeup, Made Up

“Put on sunscreen,” She said. “Who’s gonna love you if you tan?” “Put on makeup,” She said. “You’re old enough to be a woman.” “Stop walking like that,” She said. “It makes you look fat and manly.” “Speak softer,” She said. “Who’s gonna love that low, rough voice?” “Learn how to dance,” She said. “What … Continue reading Makeup, Made Up


I used to find comfort in routines: wake, cook, classes, walks, get lectured at, work, cook, eat, bathe and sleep. I had to stay hooked to every word hurled at me. Time’s crook who steal joy out of pretenses. I looked for a way out, but monotonous suburbs took my will away. So I will … Continue reading Bored