Consciousness, the Stream of

It’s easy to get lost looking down the bridge, the water beckoning in mesmerizing murmurs. I traced lines that are not there, see my own awe stare back like a fool. No matter how hard I try the world only see my image in the water, not the arcs that shaped and bend me into … Continue reading Consciousness, the Stream of


A Contradiction: Forbidding Friendship

When men walk up to me with a smug smile -- don’t get me wrong, some of them are charming -- and asked me for coffee or lunch or dinner, all the while trying to know me better. I like the idea of expanding friend circles, though accepting these offers seem to beguile and entertain … Continue reading A Contradiction: Forbidding Friendship

Looking Up

It’s Saturday again, I’m sipping on bitter tea, remembering the tremors and pangs of every breath. It’s been a week of school school, again, full of subtlety, every corner of campus hiding dreams-like death.   But I digress, for I’ve progressed, grew wiser and taller, nonetheless. I’ve repossessed my spark, my sting; my glow which … Continue reading Looking Up


The word had never fit more snuggly against anything. A world of grey and cold and wet concrete. Cookie cutters against icy winds amidst constantly braking cars, slipping into sunsets.   My mood would’ve been so, too, had there not been such blessed voices warming me, warning me against my falsified loneliness, the dread that … Continue reading Dreary