V. Dream of the Night of the Sabbath

She was unharmed. Sore and somehow knocked to the ground, but unharmed. When she looked up, she found several soldiers bent over their employer, who fell to the floor. Her attention was soon diverted, however, by a low groan. She pushed herself to a half kneel and snapped around to find its source. Her throat … Continue reading V. Dream of the Night of the Sabbath


IV. March to the Scaffold (Part II)

Gabriel cooed with content as he tucked at the loose curl of his mother’s hair; the absence of hunger only invited mischief, a character so rarely displayed in the author of harmless tricks’s elder by seconds. It was still a wonder to Esther how the two little ones could already behave so differently. Perhaps it … Continue reading IV. March to the Scaffold (Part II)

About Requiem Fantastique

Hello readers, This is just my notes and some background information about my current, main ongoing story, Requiem Fantastique. Requiem Fantastique is a five-chapter story (not counting the prologue that came out a long time before I finished planning the story) inspired/based vaguely on Hector Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique. For those of you who are not familiar … Continue reading About Requiem Fantastique