Simple Kaffa: a Tiramisu Forumla

One of the things that I missed the most on my six-weeks visit in Taiwan was good coffee. Yes, I did mention that there are a plethora of cafes in basically every single block of any Taipei streets. However, there are very few that I saw that could provide a quaint environment in the same … Continue reading Simple Kaffa: a Tiramisu Forumla


Matcha Heaven

I thought that my relationship with matcha was forever upset by the presence of chocolate. However, Taiwan was here to prove me wrong. At Myowa Japanese Cafe, there are a lot of forms of matcha that offers an ultimate (pricey) matcha experience: crepes, sizzling plates (which I had a video of, but cannot post here … Continue reading Matcha Heaven

Starbucks: Another Example to Taiwan’s Economically-driven Rapid Changes

In the spirit of innovation (and commercialization), Taiwan is also riddled with Starbucks. The white outline of a mermaid often catches me off guard since the exterior and interior design often nullify my understandings of Starbucks. Yes, they still have the free wifi, the frappucinos, and the tall, grande, and venti, but in Irvine, there’s … Continue reading Starbucks: Another Example to Taiwan’s Economically-driven Rapid Changes