Here are the PDF files along with links to the chapters of my novels for easier access.


Tales from Tartarus

Summary: Tales from Tartarus is a choose-your-own-adventure story that follows the story of Syphus, a wimpy resident of Heaven, that somehow woke up in the hell that is the crazy realm of Tartarus one day.

*For chapters and etc., see the page specifically for this project.*



Requiem Fantastique

PDF: Requiem Fantastique (Full)

Summary: My first story is loosely based on Hector Berlioz’s program symphony, Requiem Fantastique, with seven chapters corresponding to each movement throughout a narrative set in a fantasy world that explores the complexity of language structures and human relationships.


  1. Prologue 
  2. I. Reveries
  3. II. The Ball
  4. III. Scenes at a Field
  5. IV. March to the Scaffold (Part I)
  6. IV. March to the Scaffold (Part II)
  7. V. Dream of the Night of the Sabbath


The LaLauren Mansion

PDF: The LaLauren Mansion (Full)

Summary: This 23 chapters story is my attempt of challenging the conventions of linear storytelling by skipping between two distinct timelines and worlds randomly every chapter or so. The major themes of the novel revolves around the ugliness of envy and the persistence of virtue (and the virtue of persistence) despite hardships.


  1. I. Winter’s Visitor
  2. II. Arrival
  3. III. The Coronation
  4. IV. The Invasion of Amzra
  5. V. The Violinist
  6. VI. The Negotiation
  7. VII. Sunday Afternoon
  8. VIII. Lucius
  9. IX. The Contract
  10. X. The Smile for the Fallen
  11. XI. Uncertainty
  12. XII. The Servant’s Tale
  13. XIII. The Visitation
  14. XIV. Shadowed
  15. XV. Extinguished
  16. XVI. Tenebrism
  17. XVII. The Best of Friends
  18. XVIII. Inferno
  19. XIX. Night’s Visitor
  20. XX. Pretty Trinket
  21. XXI. The Monster
  22. XXII. Ring
  23. XXIII. The LaLauren Mansion


The Last Syllable

PDF: The Last Syllable (Full)

Summary: This relatively short work borrows notable quotes from Shakespeare’s Macbeth for its four chapter titles, giving closure to some of the loose ends to The LaLauren Mansion.

Once again, these are merely drafts, and thus contain errors. I simply made them into PDFs just so it’s easier for people to read. Enjoy!


  1. I. Innocent Sleep
  2. II. Beguile the Time
  3. III. So Foul and Fair a Day
  4. IV. Brief Candle


The Emperor and Her Assassin

Summary: The purposeful “mistake” in the title of the book is the first impression of defying the expectations of a generally male noun, “emperor,” by describing it as a “her.” While still developing, this story follows the adventure of the princess of the fictional, fantasy Lunzeldine Empire as she struggles with balancing traditions, friendships, romance and individualism.


  1. I.
  2. II.
  3. III.
  4. IV.
  5. V.
  6. VI.
  7. VII.
  8. VIII.
  9. IX.
  10. X.
  11. XI.
  12. XII.
  13. XIII.
  14. XIV.
  15. XV.
  16. XVI.
  17. XVII.
  18. XVIII
  19. XIX.
  20. XX.
  21. XXI.
  22. XXII.
  23. XXIII.
  24. XXIV.
  25. XXV.
  26. XXVI.
  27. XXVII.
  28. XXVIII.
  29. XXIX.
  30. XXX.
  31. XXXI.
  32. XXXII.
  33. XXXIII.
  34. XXXIV.
  35. XXXV.
  36. XXXVI.
  37. XXXVII.
  38. XXXVIII.
  39. XXXIX.
  40. XL.
  41. XLI.
  42. XLII.
  43. XLIII.
  44. XLIV.
  45. XLV.
  46. XLVI.
  47. XLVII.
  48. XLVIII.
  49. XLIX.
  50. L.
  51. LI.
  52. LII.
  53. LIII.
  54. LIV.
  55. LV.
  56. LVI.
  57. LVII.
  58. LVIII.
  59. LIX.
  60. LX.
  61. LXI.
  62. LXII.
  63. LXIII.
  64. LXIV.
  65. LXV.
  66. LXVI.
  67. LXVII.
  68. LXVIII.
  69. LXIX.
  70. LXX.
  71. LXXI.
  72. LXXII.
  73. LXXIII.
  74. LXXIV.
  75. LXXV.
  76. LXXVI.
  77. Epilogue

Extra Chapters