1.0: Waking Up

He realized that he had been waking up in strange places with a mighty headache and minimal recollection of how he ended up in said place somewhat frequently lately...no, that not what...God, there was a much better way to describe his current predicament, huh? This time, there was no blinding heat or dancing lights from … Continue reading 1.0: Waking Up


1.1: Remember

The mother urged him to breathe, he saw a spark in the distance, “Time to remember, Icar.” And the spark grew until it swallowed him whole.


“Remind me why we are here again?” “Oh hon, it’s just to see how many jackets you can physically fit yourself in.” “Oh, shut up...what now, Vega?” “I think my owl is enjoying the landscape a little too much.” “The landscape or landscaping?” “Ange, don’t encourage it.” “Uh...I think I should probably rescue it before … Continue reading Sunrise


“I hate it.” “Oh my God, Gabe, I can’t believe that you are calling me past your bedtime.” “It’s only 11 p.m., shut the fukc up.” “...Fine. What were you saying?” “I just...hate it. It’s too quiet.” “Don’t play the pronoun game with me. Just play boring music for something so you’ll fall asleep and … Continue reading Locked


He really hated seeing Canopus cry. And, it wasn’t even just because it was essentially like watching himself cry, it’s just...seemingly apocalyptic. So he was trying to distract himself from their destination by analyzing the completely blank expression upon his brother’s face: he had long-ceased to make lame jokes and contented to staring at his … Continue reading Grave


It started with a cup of coffee. She was no stranger to the drink. Ever since they moved to this world, her parents assimilated to this human ritual for a brief period of time before ma decided that the bean juice lacked the spiritual reconciliation that tea apparently provides and retreated back to her archaic … Continue reading Tea


For some reason, she was back in that too-polished, white room, blinded by the rude circle of light. Then there was those robed men and women. There was that woman. The woman always bring in a cloud of small storms, snapping at her own henchmen and tell them to break her. The woman didn’t know … Continue reading Tart