“Remind me why we are here again?” “Oh hon, it’s just to see how many jackets you can physically fit yourself in.” “Oh, shut up...what now, Vega?” “I think my owl is enjoying the landscape a little too much.” “The landscape or landscaping?” “Ange, don’t encourage it.” “Uh...I think I should probably rescue it before … Continue reading Sunrise


In the Crack

“Look, child, everything the moss touches is our kingdom.” “So, does that mean we only have this little corner?” “Do not question our kind’s ever so subtle domination! One day, the moss will grow.” “I...really don’t know how I feel about this.” “Oh, they come. Be quiet now, child.” “I don’t think they can hear … Continue reading In the Crack


There’s something amazing about how far a brush can reach: it’s only limited by how far one’s mind can reach. He’s never been one to disrupt the beauty of nature, but sometimes, just sometimes when he reminiscences past hurts and remembered how cruel the Creator is, he would raise a small rebellion and dictate the … Continue reading Painter