I thought purple was the prettiest color, royal, refined, calm and deep. It was the color my sister wore to Prom, and I thought I am so lucky I looked like her: because, God, she was beautiful. Her date was lucky. But now this was the only positive association: it’s so much nicer that the … Continue reading Bruised


Love Song

He almost thought he was stuck in one of those love songs or sappy breakup songs that she snuck into his usual playlist. What was meant to be a surprise -- he just wanted to be a good boyfriend, a good person, and it’s only natural he wanted to make sure his ever so workaholic … Continue reading Love Song


Why did it have to rain? He was literally brushing the droplets harshly forming a watery wall before him, elbowing his way to that silly mansion. I am sorry. Who the hell still writes letters these days? I’m just not...ugh, this is just so cliche...strong enough to tell you in person. Did she think she … Continue reading Moved


Yet they kept in touch somehow. With enough bugging and crying, her parents didn’t have enough time to properly deal with the discovery of their laughter’s pauper friend. Still, she sometimes wonder why those childish days feel of close everytime she see the setting sun settle in lazy rays across his features. The only shiny … Continue reading Jealousy


She never knew her promise was one-sided. He knocked on her chamber’s door three nights after her coronation. She was confused, then fearful when she find his facade plagued by indecisions and turbulent sorrows. He stepped into the faint radius of her reading light, she closed the door behind them as he paced to the … Continue reading LXXVI.


She woke from a dreamless slumber, refreshed, younger, and as she took in the familiar carved wooden bedsteads, dressing table and patterned arches framing murals she painted over, she could almost pretend that none of her tiresome adventures occurred, that she just woke after a day composed of nothing but music, art, occasionally charged by … Continue reading LXXV.