1.0: Waking Up

He realized that he had been waking up in strange places with a mighty headache and minimal recollection of how he ended up in said place somewhat frequently lately...no, that not what...God, there was a much better way to describe his current predicament, huh? This time, there was no blinding heat or dancing lights from … Continue reading 1.0: Waking Up


The Doctor with a Machete

Once upon the time, there’s a doctor with a machete. He’s proud of his blade, but not his trade, for to him all doctors are shitty. “Dishonest, lying, kiss ups, corrupt, their handwritings are so bad!” He wave his machete in emphasis, and off his patient’s head. With patients gone, his mood soiled, he would … Continue reading The Doctor with a Machete


“Remind me why we are here again?” “Oh hon, it’s just to see how many jackets you can physically fit yourself in.” “Oh, shut up...what now, Vega?” “I think my owl is enjoying the landscape a little too much.” “The landscape or landscaping?” “Ange, don’t encourage it.” “Uh...I think I should probably rescue it before … Continue reading Sunrise


She didn’t mean to dream of useless sentiments. If she was right in her deductions and observations, she could very well be on her way to the promotion she always wanted. And it was as though her thoughts were disturbing, the arm about her waist moved just a little, and a gentle whisper, “What’s wrong?” … Continue reading Dreams

A Deal

“I think it’s only fair.” “Your personal involvement is quite alarming.” “I am not sure if I should be alarmed by a comment from a hypocrite.” “Haha, lucky that you are here on one of my better centuries.” “You are only proving my point.” “Fair enough. But, you see, I merely follow whatever it is … Continue reading A Deal