I Found Trash (Part 3)

Ah, he pries now, tries to know all when I lost all trust in my faith in creatures I used to call friends. “But, you talked about it yourself, you brought it up.” “Everybody knows, so I can know, too.” Rumors were not spread by me, but his allies, To tell, not to tell, I … Continue reading I Found Trash (Part 3)


I Found Trash (Part 2)

Moronic views are better left unsaid, maybe plain ignorant, yet he spoke with Intention. Hateful words proven by “science,” a con of centuries: “feeble, feminine minds,” “Horrendous sense of skirtless fashion,” an outcry of “angry feminists.” Even though we told him so, the hurts, the pain, he looked amused and asked, “Are you on your … Continue reading I Found Trash (Part 2)

Makeup, Made Up

“Put on sunscreen,” She said. “Who’s gonna love you if you tan?” “Put on makeup,” She said. “You’re old enough to be a woman.” “Stop walking like that,” She said. “It makes you look fat and manly.” “Speak softer,” She said. “Who’s gonna love that low, rough voice?” “Learn how to dance,” She said. “What … Continue reading Makeup, Made Up