Colony of Seagulls

There once was a bridge over the meeting of a stream and sea, a teetering plank of wood so lean that the mellowest bellow of wind would shake it so. No one from the nearest village knew which fool thought it a good idea to tempt children like that. “If I was young, and these … Continue reading Colony of Seagulls


Stars and Paints and Lights and Crayons

She could almost feel the fire if she just reach enough. She hears the cries of the bright dots in the black, black sky, and she laughs at their silly jokes. Sometimes ma or pa would ask what she was giggling about, so she would tell it to them. Or sometimes, she would draw it. … Continue reading Stars and Paints and Lights and Crayons


Death went by many forms, they said. The most prominent one was most eccentric: raven wings, goggles, slippers and a night tunic. They said sometimes, his familiar, Night, would be with him: a little owl with a big personality. "They" were oddly specific. Death wondered the world collecting souls, they said. Closing tired eyes with … Continue reading Thanatos


He didn't use to like it, the forceful explosions of colorful flames were but yet another science phenomenon coinciding with human standards of beauty. What's so exciting about polluting the world with smog and noise and litters of food wrappers and cans and frightened pets running astray? But, this year is different. As he found … Continue reading Fireworks


She was there first, she beat the waves. Her hand brushed the rough, splintered wood of the beachside rails before the urge of Poseidon crashed against ragged, stubborn rocks tamed by weather. The conflict roared and tumbled into a froth of old selves in sediments. Her sentiments? Untouched, her hand merely smarted as she continued … Continue reading Waves