The Doctor with a Machete

Once upon the time, there’s a doctor with a machete. He’s proud of his blade, but not his trade, for to him all doctors are shitty. “Dishonest, lying, kiss ups, corrupt, their handwritings are so bad!” He wave his machete in emphasis, and off his patient’s head. With patients gone, his mood soiled, he would … Continue reading The Doctor with a Machete


New Family

I saw him first, that ball of fur, spot of sunlight entangled in a happy play fight of meowling delight. He grabbed me first, those stormy eyes, specks of gold midst ocean mists. Then its toes, pink bean toes, so bold. He held me with its pink bold toes, nudged, meowed. I melt. So we … Continue reading New Family

A Root of Evil

There are many evils in this world, differing in severity. This is just a thought that spawns when I go jogging. As a scientist, I am obliged to find a pattern; as a human, I am obliged to weep, be saddened. My thoughts become muddled with each step, sneakers crushing fallen jacarandas and dodging confused … Continue reading A Root of Evil