Stars and Paints and Lights and Crayons

She could almost feel the fire if she just reach enough. She hears the cries of the bright dots in the black, black sky, and she laughs at their silly jokes. Sometimes ma or pa would ask what she was giggling about, so she would tell it to them. Or sometimes, she would draw it. … Continue reading Stars and Paints and Lights and Crayons


2.4.2: Back to Town

Even though these Tartarans only occupied a small fraction of his life, he knew these people better than...really anyone, and vice versa. He couldn’t hesitate any longer: he just ran for the town like a blind fool. But, while his spirit was willing, his body was weak. His lungs screamed and the world swam. “Baaa!” … Continue reading 2.4.2: Back to Town