3.1.1: Seek Out the “Destroyer”

“And of course I decided to prolong getting to my main objective as much as possible: gotta give my girl a visit before I do anything of importance. So I trekked to the edge of existence -- that’s a healthy hike away in the form of a cliff by the way -- to get to … Continue reading 3.1.1: Seek Out the “Destroyer”


3.1.0: Fold Some Paper Cranes

“I am no master of origami, but I can follow directions somewhat decently. And since I don’t have a very tight schedule today, I decided to dig out the old instruction book in one of the lower cabinets along with loose, colorful pieces of paper hidden within its pages.” “I was out of practice, but … Continue reading 3.1.0: Fold Some Paper Cranes

3.0: Ari

The room observed a breath of silence at the end of Syphus’s account of Camp Levi’s fate. “Well,” The motherly voice started after what felt like a weeks-long pause. “So...Ari?” The female voice seemed a little startled, “Huh?” “You were there, too. Tell us what happened,” The authoritative voice finished the original thought. “Well...to be … Continue reading 3.0: Ari