As I wrote with it I wondered if my mother knew of my elation and glee when I discovered that this was the pen of my favorite bedtime story, of her tales of her father. And finally I was worthy of holding its ink black body. Excalibur could not have given me better assurance. As … Continue reading Pen


Chinese New Year

This is the time of the year when I am typically encouraged to do things in excess: eat a lot of traditional foods that are supposedly directly related to good luck, smile a lot at church friends or relatives like a seasoned politician meeting their voters as ballets of judgement in the form of gossips … Continue reading Chinese New Year


noun. The addictive nectar of the gods. The true author of this blog: really, not sure what I would do without it...this is not even because of my love for coffee, but mostly because a lot of my writing occur to me when I am sitting at a table in Kean Coffee.